I’m sure you’ve heard of BBMA’s social award winner and K-POP idol group, BTS (Bangtan Boys) by now. And if you haven’t, a quick google or YouTube search will surely show you the way into becoming a full-time ARMY (fandom name).

BTS at the BBMA’s award ceremony

The group of seven are quickly gaining traction in the entertainment world, with YouTubers like SuperWoman and Pewdiepie dedicating whole videos and lengthy mentions to the boys.

Their international fame is never-ending, and now a company called Aeon Dream Studios is garnering attention with an up-coming BTS themed game called To The Edge of the Sky. Although the company is still trying to get attention (and licensing) from BTS’ father company BigHit Entertainment, a demo is now available for download.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 5.02.10 PM
Game screenshot featuring in-game versions of Rap Monster and JungKook

It is a classic RPG romance game in which your decisions affect the outcome of the game, and most importantly, who your character ends up with.  According to the creators, the game is [based on] all of BTS’ concepts and themes in their albums to date”. The wet dream of all ARMYs worldwide.

A short description of the game alludes to an alternate reality in the year 2077 in which you are now named SEVEN. It is only by joining a mysterious government organization named P.H.A.N.T.A.S.M. that you’re allowed to interact with these handsome individuals.

The game description on the game’s Tumblr is a pretty spot on summary the events that transpire in the demo — which is nothing much.

After joining, you find yourself befriending the other rookie on the team, an incredibly skilled youth known to you only as Zero. As you meet the other members, you realize that despite being a team, they all vary drastically in personality, background, talent and ability.

Although the members go by different aliases, Aeon Dream Studios does a pretty spot on job at replicating their features. While the game’s purpose is to present interactions with all of the BTS members, only three make an appearance in the demo. Zero, your fellow rookie; being none other than JungKook.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 5.02.24 PM
Only three members are featured in the demo due to time constraints. From left-to-right, JungKook, Suga, and Rap Monster

The dialogue is lengthy and the duration of the demo resembling that of a Chapter One. The demo being more of an introduction to the storyline, with characters focusing on introducing you to their reality’s circumstances.

You can download the To The Edge of The Sky demo here.
Available in multiple languages, from Spanish to Polski thanks to fan translations.